Jesus – Others – You


1525392_592981617418037_1380410408_nWelcome to, the author website of Darlene Hoggard Davis. I can imagine many of you wondering, “What kind of name is that?” Let me explain.

I tried to use my full name: But it was too long. So I tried “Amusing Grace,” a name I use when I speak at banquets and other women’s groups, but it was already taken. What to do now? It’s not easy choosing just the right name.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like music, enjoy humor, and love my families (home and spiritual). So I thought, “Let’s try for ‘’.” What? Why?

One of the songs I used when I taught elementary vocal music was a song called “Tooty Ta,” (by Dr. Jean) an action song, full of joy and motion. I even used it in my devotion at Green Lake (WI) Writers’ Conference last year, and guess what? Even adults had fun with it.

And the clincher: I thought about my childhood and one memory especially came to mind. Before I was born, my Dad used to call my cousin Arlene, “Susie.” Why? I don’t know. When I came along, he started calling me “Susie,” too, using cutesy-cutesy baby talk, which over time, developed into “Tootie.”

I spent many years trying to get rid of that nickname.  But now, it doesn’t bother me that much.  You see, my dad died last year, and I’m proud to say I have inherited his sense of humor. So choosing, in a sense, is a way to honor Dad. To enjoy life and encourage others to laugh and love. And when we help others, we are honoring our heavenly Father, too.

So, once again, welcome to Because the Lord has been good to me, I’d like to pass it on, with J-O-Y. You’ll find something here for kids (Sprouts), something for adults, (Gleanings), and always something to smile about (Chuckles). You’ll find many references to music because my life has been saturated with it, but through it all, I hope you’ll see how much I love the Lord. And I want you to find the same joy. What I wish, pray, hope…for you, you’ll find in Eph. 3:14-21, my favorite portion of Scripture.


Darlene Hoggard Davis