Jesus – Others – You


Darlene Hoggard Davis

In Kindergarten, I began two life-long love affairs: one with music and one with words. As I learned my letters in school, I would continue at home. Sitting at the kitchen table, I would ask, “Mom, what does r-a-i-s-i-n spell?”  or “What does f-l-a-k-e-s spell?” Eventually, Mom would say, “Stop! You’re driving me crazy! You probably have asked me every word on that cereal box!”

Shortly after that, I started taking piano lessons.  When my piano teacher told me that the note right below the treble clef staff was “ like a little Bird-D, under the fence.” I told her, “ I can spell bird, b-i-r-d!” These music lessons gave my mother a little reprieve from my spelling and learning about words, at least until we went grocery shopping. Round 2: “P-o-r-k, PORK! Mom,

what does j-e-l-l-o spell?”  Mom was very glad to get home from those trips.

I love to collect and create; I just can’t help myself. Music and words top the list, but I also love a good joke. I am grateful to have inherited my Dad’s sense of humor and it seems to creep into everything I do. I have tried several different crafts, but the one that stuck is painting gourds, mostly ornament-sized ones. I may not be a famous painter/artist but I am intrigued and excited with all the possible ideas to use on my gourds. I thank God for every gift and talent He has given me and I want to pass those on to others.

I also love to travel, although most of my trips in the last few years have been to Kentucky where my family lives. However, last year my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary by visiting Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and other attractions along the way there.

My favorite place to visit, without question is Green Lake, Wisconsin.  In 1995, after much nudging from God, I signed up for the Christian Writer’s Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

It changed my life. I learned much about writing, of course, but the scenery and atmosphere are awe-inspiring. I have made many close, life-long friends. It is a time and place to draw close to God. You cannot walk away from Green Lake the same person. I’ve been attending this conference for 18 years and I’m going back again this year. Want to join us?

Come back often to this site. You’ll find something for kids. Something for adults and of course, a joke or two. We’ll all learn about each other and have a good time.